saeta estudi | BALLUT Shop, Barcelona
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BALLUT Shop, Barcelona

BALLUT Shop, Barcelona
Ballut was born from the encounter between a fantastic wrapping from a disappeared world and a committed modernity, discreet and conclusive.
The space was cleaned from all accumulated interferences and now it is possible to go over the rooms of a bourgeois House from the 1940’s immersed in an oneiric of deep saturated greens. The colours fade out of focus in unsuspected points between one room and the next, between mirrors, display cases, fireplaces and mouldings.
The furniture and lighting are specially designed for Ballut and made of pieces belonging to an opposed universe: industrial like, wire net modular volumes composing exchangeable combinations; shiny green metal tube hangers emerging from the wall; elegant neon lights dressing the space and materializing dreams. Every element plays a significant role in this singular, elegant, subtle and fervent space to upraise the exposed products.
BALLUT Shop, Barcelona