saeta estudi | Tritón Building, 140 apartments, Poble Nou, Barcelona
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Tritón Building, 140 apartments, Poble Nou, Barcelona

Tritón Building, 140 apartments, Poble Nou, Barcelona
The Triton Building contains 140 rent apartments, shops and parking. Located in a privileged place where the old urban grid of Poble Nou meets the new Barcelona, in front of the sea, the building has an E shape made of 4 volumes: a 4th floor calm, regular and ordered ceramic building towards the city linked to 3 buildings of 8th floors, bright, metallic, vibrant and vertically composed, facing the sea.

The whole is distributed in the way to provide sun light to all apartments. They have views to the sea or to newly recovered and urbanized public spaces. The roof, accessible from the four buildings is a fifth façade and it is equipped with an aromatic garden and two swimming pools.

The ground floor mimics the surrounding public space by its stony character and open courtyards give continuity to the urban fabric.

From 45 to 90 m2, the interior distribution of the apartments is flexible, allowing a wide range of possibilities that go from the open studio to a 3 bedroom apartment. Kitchens are integrated to a common space and storage is provided as an essential equipment. Every apartment can be changed depending on the necessities by flexible elements such as furniture and sliding doors.

Triton building was a finalist of City of Barcelona Awards in 2011